About Us

A solution provider, incorporating a consolidated group of miners and traders working in harmony to provide a consistent supply of precious commodities.  Primarily dealing with precious metals, precious stones, art and financial investments.

Choosing the right partner is all that really matters in our business.



A relationship with miners and traders allows AMAGOLD to operate a transparent structure in the supply and delivery of precious commodities to potential buyers and investors


With our ever increasing relationships with refiners and investors we are able to achieve a comfortable return for our partners.  With supplying refining and assaying in various locations through North America, Middle East and Europe.


Payments are easily managed within our team of handlers.  Following strict money laundering laws we are able to wire transfer upon successful assay to any non restricted and recognized world banking institution.

AMA Gold Mining Group (AMA-GMG) is a unique enterprise which assists and engages both owners of precious commodities with the correct calibre of purchasers.  Having spent in excess of 20 years building relationships on both sides. 

Our focus is finding areas where your business could be more productive and successful and then helping you develop the path to get it there.




Usa: +1 786 633 1991

Uk: +44 113 328 1347

Cell: +44 7444 972215


Century Way Thorpe Park Business Park

Colton Leeds LS15 8ZA

United Kingdom